How Often Should You Wash A Dress Shirt?

Sounds pretty simple.  Deceptively simple, right?

The answer is: only when it’s dirty.

It helps to think of clothing as having a limited number of washes in its lifespan.

So if you think of it that way, you want to wash your clothing as little as possible (Obviously without wearing anything dirty!)

For shirts, the first thing I’ll look at is the inside of the collar and the cuffs.

That’s where I’ll first start to see sweat stains, or if I wear it for a full day or for a couple of days.

Another thing that I do to lengthen the time period between washing my dress shirts is that I always wear an undershirt. The best part of an undershirt is that it protects your more expensive dress shirt by preventing sweat stains by absorbing the sweat. If you’re wearing deodorant it’s also not going to allow that to be passed to the dress shirt as easily.


3 Tips To Safely Wash A High Quality Dress Shirt

There are three things you can do to maximize the life of your dress shirt, when you have to wash it.

  1. Use less detergent

When you do have to wash the dress shirt, use less detergent than is recommended and do some spot cleaning.   I recommend using half the recommended amount and to use something like Shout. Spray some in the collar area and around the cuffs and anytime you have a spot stain.

  1. Use a laundry bag

The second thing you should do is to use a clothing or laundry bag.   The reason you want to use these is that this is going to protect the shirt from getting caught in other clothing.

  1. Use a modern washing machine. You want to use a modern and safer washing machine. Why? A lot of the older machines have center agitators. The problem with this is that a dress shirt can get caught in there, especially if you’re not using a laundry bag. This can lead to it getting ripped or torn.  You can also lose quite a few buttons.

Finally – don’t use a drying machine (drier).  Instead hang dry and your shirts will last longer and maintain their shape better.

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