Our Appearance Speaks Louder Than Our Words.

1. Make sure your clothing fits – The clothing in your wardrobe should fit your body as it is today not as you wish it to be two months from now. If it’s too tight, look to have it let out. If it’s too large select a tailor and have alterations made.

2. Avoid cheap, instead seek value – Purchase quality; you’ll often pay more but in the end it will save you money. How does that work? Simply put, you’ll wear the clothing more often, feel better when you wear it, and it will last longer. Those $35 dress shoes that you hate wearing because they look cheap and are uncomfortable are wasted sitting in your closet; those $350 Allen Edmond that you wear every chance you can and receive compliments on every time you wear them become a great investment when you find yourself having worn them 100 times in the last year and they still look great.

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